INSPECTOR i10 is an industrial equipment specifically developed
for the inspection
and pre-cleaning of
all type of cooling channels, even the most challenging ones.

The inspection of a conformal cooling channel of unusual reduced diameters is no longer a challenge with this equipment. With just one click you can analyse possible leaks and verify flow rates with different pressures and pressure losses, including obstructions inside all types of channels.

This device enables the accurate verification of the flow rate for each circuit to a pre-set pressure, providing the mould maker with a clear report of the performance of the cooling channels and directly reducing costs related to water leakage during the start-up of the mould.

It is also possible to compare or to analyse the reports automatically saved in the equipment. With INSPECTOR i10 you can also send the reports directly to your e-mail address or to a Backup server so that you can have future access to all the data.

The simplicity and effectiveness that INSPECTOR i10 provides during the assembly process of injection moulds is simply remarkable, thus offering a return on investment in just a few months.

Leak inspection in cooling circuits

Leak testing

Pressure and flow monitoring
during the inspection

Clean and protection
of the cooling channels


Compressed air
inlet for cleaning the
cooling channels

Max. 8 bar

Power Supply:

Single Phase

Water tank*


*Automatic tank filling
Storage tank for separation of hydrocarbons
Magnetic filter for chips and other impurities




emergency button


Power cut off switch

Inspector I.10

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